Active Learning Programs

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Government House offers a wide variety of educational programming for all ages. Each program is designed to engage students with an array of activities to help them learn the history of Government House and Saskatchewan.

Active Learning Programs

A Visitor Experience Host will tour your group around the Amédée Forget Museum. Also includes time in the Once Upon a Time Room and crown decorating.

A Visitor Experience Host will tour your group around the Amédée Forget Museum.

Following a visit to the Amédée Forget Museum and the J.E.N. Wiebe Interpretive Centre, students will play It's Democracy on a life-sized game board.

Choose from an outdoor or indoor scavenger hunt that will educate and excite your group! Contact us for further information on our scavenger hunts and riddles (ESL version available).

Groups navigate around the Edwardian Gardens using a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit, answering clues and learning about the historical features around the gardens.

Includes a scavenger hunt, seek and find book, create your own crown and much more to be enjoyed in the Amédée Forget Museum.

Includes a puzzle, Magnifying Trees Hunt, a compass, Frisbee and much more, to be enjoyed outside in the Edwardian Gardens.

Seasonal Programs

This program is based on the book “Ghosts in the Garden” by Judith Silverthorne. Throughout the house, find clues left behind by one of the ghosts of Government House. Which of the ghosts is leaving you clues and what is he looking for?

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