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Edwardian Gardens

F.W. Johnson Liberation Memorial Garden - June 2022 - which has green-silver plants, red and purple flowers and lots of tall green plants.
F.W. Johnson Liberation Memorial Garden - June 2022

The Edwardian Gardens were designed to please the eye and delight the senses. Stroll through the lush gardens and experience the “outdoor rooms”. Each has its own unique perspective, framed by sweeping lawns that follow the Edwardian Garden design. All are fully accessible, with hardscaped pathways taking you to a simpler time. (check out the photo gallery below)

Today the Edwardian Gardens offer thousands of vibrant annuals and perennials including a Collection Garden featuring magnificent lilies. Enjoy the timeless beauty of true Edwardian-style gardens.

Orange and brown lilies in an outdoor garden on the grounds of Government House SK

Enjoy the gardens by bringing a picnic to share with your family or friends. Awaken your senses by taking time to smell the flowers and relax under the canopy of shade from the tree plantation planted by Mr. George Watt well over a hundred years ago. The gardens uphold the rich and majestic history of Government House.

After enjoying the history outside, leave yourself time to visit the museum inside. It gives you a glimpse of life at Government House at the turn of the 20th Century. If you have a group of 10 or more you are encouraged to book your visit 24 hours in advance using the form found on our Tours & Programs Page. They are several indoor and outdoor tours available.

New Features

There have been a number of changes to the Edwardian Gardens in the last several years.

Liberation Garden Interpretive PanelIn Spring 2022 a number of interpretive panels were added throughout the grounds to help you learn even more about this wonderful National Historic Site.

Saskatchewan Residential School MemorialGovernment House was proud to be chosen as the site for the Saskatchewan Residential School Memorial. We have a dedicated page for the Memorial where you can learn more. The new Memorial is found near the southwest corner of the property. This spot is a relatively quiet location making it ideal for reflection and contemplation.


Platinum Jubilee GraphicIn celebration of the 70-year reign of HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II QUEEN OF CANADA, Commemorative Gardens were dedicated in 2022 by Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners across Canada. The Government House Platinum Jubilee garden is near the north edge of our property along Dewdney Avenue.

The design celebrates Her Majesty’s jubilee by featuring the Queen Elizabeth rose in the centre. It also recognizes the ties between the Crown and Indigenous peoples by including tobacco plants, and it honours Saskatchewan with plants native to our province.

Share what you find and enjoyed on your visit via our Facebook  page or on Instagram and tag us when posting your photos so we can check them out!

Download our garden map below to guide you around the gardens while learning a bit of history.
Edwardian Gardens Discovery Map

During the warm months, guided outdoor tours are offered. These tours take place as booked or can be requested as staffing allows.

Please see visit our Tours & Programs page to book an outdoor tour.