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The Collection

The Government House collection contains objects original to the house from the period 1898 to 1910. These originals plus period pieces and replicas total over 10,000 articles plus documents and photos. Much of the collection is irreplaceable.
Government House Museum acquires, documents, studies, interprets, exhibits and cares for the object and document collections that further the Museum’s mission and meets the needs of the Museum’s audiences.
The Museum’s collections reflect the people and history of Government House. The collections emphasize Government House as a historic living property. The object and document collections complement and support each other. They illustrate the stories of Government House’s past and present and are significant for preserving the history of Government House as one of the province’s treasured historic sites.
Both the object and document collections are used actively, in exhibitions and programs, to connect the history of Government House to larger, more complex issues of provincial history.

Collecting Criteria

Collecting is directed towards those objects that best illustrate the political and social history of Government House, pre-1905 North-West Territories and post 1905 Saskatchewan, with particular focus on the tenures of Lieutenant Governor Forget (1898-1905, 1905-1910). Items of former Lieutenant Governors are also of interest.
Government House Museum will consider only those items that are compelling enough to warrant further study and will accept only those items determined significant to Government House history.
The following guidelines further help to define the Museum’s collecting:
  • The Museum does not collect antiquarian books unrelated to its interpretive themes.
  • The Museum does not collect military uniforms.
  • The Museum is cautious about collecting objects outside the above time period, unless they are commemorative items available only for a short time. We ensure that the items have historical value before acquiring them; however, modern documents may be added to the collection at a more proactive level.
  • The Museum attempts to limit the number of a specific type of item in the collections, but may collect similar items that illustrate different time periods, ethnic groups, or styles to improve the interpretive value of its collections.
  • Due to the lack of appropriate storage, the Museum does not collect large industrial machinery, transportation vehicles or firearms.

If you think you have something that may be of interest to our collection please download and complete the form using the link below:

Collection Donation Assessment Form

The form can then be e-mailed to our collection manager.

Our partner organization, the Government House Historical Society, will also accept donations for their annual Black Tie Auction event or their Vintage and Collectible Sales events. All funds raised at these events are used for Government House events, programs, exhibit and collection needs. Please visit their website for more details.