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In 1905, I was bought by George Brown and brought to Regina from my previous owner in Illinois. When George took office at Government House as Lieutenant Governor in 1910, I came with him. After 1910, things really picked up - I carried some remarkable people all over the city. There was even a rule made stating that I was only allowed to carry Governors General, Lieutenant Governors and members of the Royal family (although Lieutenant Governor McNab bent that rule in 1940 when Hollywood actress Madeleine Carroll was visiting Regina).

I carried The Prince of Wales in 1919, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939 and I was leant to Manitoba to carry Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1970. I also got a chance to catch up with The Queen Mother in 1985 and carried Prince Charles in 2001. I was  exhausted after such an exciting career, so I was thrilled when the decision was made to retire me from active duty and put me on permanent display in 2012. I now have the pleasure of remaining here year-round and greeting everyone who comes to visit the museum.


The Provincial Landau outside Government House hooked up to two horse and a driver and a lady sitting in it
PAS #R-B2488, c. 1912