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Exhibition Proposals

We encourage artists across emergent to more experienced practices to submit exhibition proposals for the QEII Gallery space for consideration. Our goal is to provide an accessible opportunity for Saskatchewan-based artists and showcase the diversity of practices and experiences within the province.

If you feel your work may be of interest to us, please submit a proposal. All submissions will be reviewed by our exhibitions committee and offers of shows will be put forward in consultation with them. Our closing deadline for submissions is June 30 at midnight CST. Please have all your material to us by the appropriate date or your submission will have to wait until the next consultation meeting.

Government House is a National Historic Site and Provincial Heritage Property. Our mission is to provide visitors with an accessible historic place to preserve, promote and celebrate Saskatchewan's living heritage. The Government House QEII Gallery space aims to exhibit artworks that reflect the diverse stories of the people, histories, and communities of Saskatchewan while providing a supportive platform for Saskatchewan-based artists to display their work. There are no specific themes required for submissions, although proposals that connect in some way to the mission of Government House are encouraged.

While we aim to program a wide range of themes, stories, and mediums, the exhibition space is limited to primarily two-dimensional works, with some small display cases for three-dimensional works. If you wish to submit a proposal that does not quite fit these display options, or if you are unsure if your work would fit, please contact us and we will do our best to explore possible options with you. A plan of the Gallery may be downloaded below.

Our exhibition schedule is developed two to three years in advance. 

Instructions on submitting a proposal can be downloaded below. If you have any questions or would simply like to connect, please do not hesitate to contact us at (306) 787-5773 or email us at

Exhibition Proposal Submission Guidelines

Exhibition Proposal Checklist

QEII Gallery Plan