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Munroe Sword

SwordI have had quite the journey to make my way back to Government House. I was once for sale in an auction house – and I know you’re thinking – well of course, the auction at Government House in 1945. But this was very different.

I belonged to Lieutenant Governor Hugh Munroe and hung by his side from 1931 to 1936 until I was lent to his successor, Archie McNab. When Archie’s time as Lieutenant Governor was done, I tried to make my way back to Mr. Munroe, but got a little lost along the way.

Mr. Munroe died in 1947. Years after that, I found myself and many of his personal belongings in an auction house in Montreal. Here, I caught the attention of Arthur Classen – Alberta auctioneer and friend of the Government House Historical Society. Arthur knew that I belonged back at Government House, so he alerted the society to my whereabouts. Unfortunately, I was laden with a hefty $10,000 price tag and was more than the society could afford at the time. With help from the community, including a grade four class from McLurg School here in Regina, the society gathered enough funds to make an offer and purchased me for a more reasonable amount of $4,000. Since 2001, I’ve graced the main hall with my elegance thanks to the determination of the Government House Historical Society.

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