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Main Hall Clock

I have been here, on the wall in the main hall since the very beginning of Government House in 1891. I have witnessed all of the major events in this majestic home - from the welcoming of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, in 1929, to the numerous Christmas trees that have all been decorated right in front of my face, literally.

I was immersed in the music and merriment of the dances and balls that were held in the main hall before the ballroom was added in 1928 and I
remained on the wall when all the other furnishings were sold in 1945. I also saw the many difficult struggles and triumphs of the veterans who stayed here between 1946 and 1957.

After 1958, I helped the teachers and students keep to their schedules when the house served as a learning facility known as Saskatchewan House. While the house was being refurbished to open as a museum, I was placed into storage for 3 long years. Finally in 1980, I was once again hung on the wall in the main hall where I have the privilege of remaining as an important part of the ongoing history of Government House.