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Mahogany Pedestals

Our history actually began long before this Government House was built. We were purchased for the first Territorial Government House, which was built in 1876 and located in the town of Battleford, Saskatchewan. We stood as decorative pillars until 1883, when the Territorial Capital was moved to Regina and a new Government House was built. This Government House was only in use until the present-day home was completed in 1891. We made our way to this stately new building and, like many of our friends, we stayed here together until the closure in 1945.

Since then, it’s been a long and winding journey for us to return home. Along with some other furnishings, we were taken into storage at the  Legislative Library, instead of being sold in the auction. In 1948, we were sent back to Battleford and were displayed in the Mounted Police and Indian Museum, now known as Fort Battleford. In 1989, the museum changed its focus and we were shipped back to Regina and again into the Legislative Library storage. For five years, we longed to return home and were finally transferred back to Government House in 1994 to preside at the entrance of the main hall. For all that moving around, we’re still in pretty good shape, wouldn’t you say?