Video Gallery

If These Walls Could Talk! (2018)

Summer 2018 program “If These Walls Could Talk”, takes you through the House as interactive characters in each room come to life around you, offering a true time travel experience! Watch history unfold before your eyes, as performers re-enact significant events that still resonate today within the heart of Saskatchewan’s heritage. (1:33)

Experience Government House (2018)

2018 promotional look at what Government House has to offer you! (0:30)

Celebrate the Flag! (2015)

Prominent Saskatchewan figures and students contributed their voices recognizing the special Government House Exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian flag in 2015. (7:00)

Visiting Government House (2014)

Former Executive Director shares a Canada`s History moment on how history continues to be made at Government House. (1:55)

History of Government House (2014)

A Canada`s History moment about the history of the building and its salvation. (3:12)