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Present Day Government House

2005 - Present

Present day Government House circa 2011.
Present day Government House circa 2011.

The Regina architectural firm of Saunders Evans, which had designed the 1999 entrance addition, was awarded the contract for an architectural design for the Government House project.  Saunders Evans design was an extensive addition built in a style harmonizing with the original building and with similar materials, at right angles to the ballroom in the south-east corner of the existing property and forming a courtyard with the main building.  The addition comprises, on the main floor, a visitor centre, with reception area, hall, and gift shop, and a carriage hall for display of the provincial landau and cutter.  Administration offices and a meeting/resource room are on the second floor.  The kitchen is located in the basement, serving both the ballroom and the visitor centre. The former office space located above the 1928 ballroom was converted into an interpretive centre on the Crown, governance in Saskatchewan and the First Nations and Métis relationship with the Crown.

Her Majesty the Queen officially opened the new wing named in her honour, “The Queen Elizabeth II Wing”, as well as the self guided J.E.N. Wiebe Interpretive Centre that features interactive multi-media presentations, murals and highlights of the history of the Crown and governance in Saskatchewan.

Completed in 2011, 8.5 Acres of the Government House grounds have also been rehabilitated to resemble the splendor of the Edwardian Gardens of 1900 originally designed by George Watt, a prominent landscape architect of that era.  The rehabilitation followed the recommendations of the Parks Canada historical landscape conservation study of 2001.  In the rehabilitation, the process of repairing or altering the grounds to make it usable while retaining its historic character was closely adhered to.  

Government House has become a cherished part of the architectural heritage of the provincial capital and the country. The additions and rehabilitations have received numerous awards of the years.  It is a fascinating example of the grand designs prevalent during the late Victorian era. The House attracts visitors from around the world interested in ornate architectural design, artifacts, and history. Discover more about Government House, its rooms and its treasures.