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Through a Granddaughter's Eyes

September 30 - January 7, 2024

Featuring textile artists Leanne Clifford and Donna Clement member of the Articulation Textile Group. See how stories of courage, perseverance and family are expressed in amazing works.

Leann Clifford describes her work:

These works are an interpretation of stories told with hints of humour by my grandfather, but evident between the lines is the danger, the loneliness, and the need for self-reliance. But they are equally stories of forged friendships, excitement, and experiences only an enlisted person would have.

Using letters and photos from my grandparents’ lives, these pieces are constructed using fabric, needle/ thread, and original linens from my grandparents’ belongings. Each piece is meant to represent both of them and their parallel lives while waiting to be reunited and begin to build their future.

Donna Clement describes her work:

These pieces explore various elements of my grandparents migration journey and their joys and struggles.

This theme of migration is still playing today, as it has throughout humanity’s time on earth. We migrate for a better life, for a belief in a better future. May today’s migrants’ efforts be as successful for their descendants as my grandparents’ were for me.

Artwork on a table
Textured Time (quilting) and To Tell A Tale
by Leann Clifford
Artwork on a wall
Fields and Flag by Donna Clement