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Virtual Programs

To increase the accessibility of our programming, Government House is going virtual with its field trips. Afterwards, test your students’ knowledge of the tour with an extended learning activity provided by Government House.

Our three popular in-person tours are also available virtually they include:

Victorian Lifestyles (Virtual)

Pre-kindergarten to Grade 3 (45 to 60 minutes)

This program Introduces the differences between the Victorian home and today’s home and draws comparisons to the lifestyles of Victorian children and children today.

Home with the Forgets (Virtual)

Grade 4 to Grade 12 (45 to 60 minutes)

This program introduces the role of the Lieutenant Governor at the turn of the 20th century and provides insight into life as Saskatchewan entered Confederation and became a province.

History Comes Alive (Virtual)

This option allows students to take a tour with a Visitor Experience Host in the persona of a staff member, resident or visitor at Government House in 1905. Students will “step back in time” and enjoy a tour from a maid, butler, or perhaps one of the Forgets themselves!

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To increase the accessibility of Government House programming, we are going virtual with our field trips.

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