Ballroom and Hall

The Henry Newlands Ballroom

Historically, the ballroom has held many significant events and ceremonies, including: Royal visits; special concerts; significant awards; and lavish dinners. Today, that tradition continues, as the ballroom remains one of the most actively used original rooms.

Sir Richard Lake Hall

Since being opened in 2005 by Her Majesty The Queen during Her last visit to Saskatchewan, Sir Richard Lake Hall remains active with a wonderful variety of events and ceremonies.


Use of the facility is enjoyed by Government House partners including the Lieutenant Governor and Premier.  Government House events and programming offer the public opportunity to enjoy these spaces. Limitations of use are in place in order to preserve the historic building, and to avoid competition with the private sector.

A detailed eligibility list can be found on the main Facility Use Page.

The Facility Use Request form can be filled out below. Government House is NOT available for wedding ceremonies or receptions.

Please note that you will be contacted as soon as possible regarding availability of your requested date.

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