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People sitting in the cutter which is hooked up to two horses outside Government House SK
Sylvia Fedoruk circa 1988

I belonged to Lieutenant Governor George Brown along with my travel companion, the landau, over there. After his tenure, I was passed down from one Lieutenant Governor to the next until 1945. After that, the landau and I were turned over to the care of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

While I stayed hidden in storage on RCMP Depot grounds, the landau was allowed out to be displayed in the RCMP Centennial Museum until 1981. It was only occasionally that I was allowed a taste of fresh air. My last of it would be in 1995, when Lieutenant Governor John Wiebe and his wife took me for a spin during the New Year’s Day Levée.

I was again stored away until the new addition of Government House was completed in 2005. I was finally allowed to shine, back alongside my dear friend, the landau, in The Queen Elizabeth II Wing.


The Government House cutter on display in the main hall of the QEII wing of Government House Saskatchewan